13 Creepy Pics That Are Totally Authentic
Posted On 10/22/2014
#9 gave me chills!
Cat owners will relate to this- How cats get into everything
Posted On 11/19/2013
Cats are very lovable but they have to sneak into everything you do, follow you everywhere and mess with your stuff. If you are a cat owner you are so gonna relate to these pictures.
22 Ridiculous Things That Actually Exist
Posted On 09/04/2013
15 WTF Texts That Will Show Cheating
Posted On 01/16/2015
Ultimate Ex Texts That Might As Well Be Made Of Ice
Posted On 12/09/2014
Next time, just put the phone down and walk away.
Celebrities you didn't know were gay and lesbian
Posted On 02/21/2014
OMG!!! I didn't know these awesome celebrities were gay and lesbians.
7 people found dead, years after actual death
Posted On 10/19/2013
10 disturbing drawing by kids.. #10 will give you fits of laughter
Posted On 09/13/2013
This is why children have the most naturally creative minds LOL. Check these disturbing drawings out. Especially #8
17 Sad Texts That Will F*ck You Right In The Brain
Posted On 02/14/2015
Embarrassing Differences Between Male & Female
Posted On 10/30/2014
Check them out to know the relevant logic behind them
12 absurd and CRAZY sexual fetishes.. #9 is the creepiest
Posted On 10/21/2013
Who ever had a fetish? I doubt it can top these sexual fetishes... #9 is creepy
19 Hottest Things That Have ever Happened On Text
Posted On 02/17/2015
12 Hilarious Teacher Texts Went Horribly Wrong
Posted On 12/28/2014
This Is the Funniest Guy You Will Ever Meet
Posted On 06/22/2015
15 characters who had great reasons to be villains
Posted On 09/07/2013
20 Presents That Are Too Classic Not to Love
Posted On 12/09/2014
Donate A Testicle The Payout For This Is $35,000
Posted On 12/17/2015
Need some EXTRA CASH? If you want to help the science community and line your pockets with a little bit of money there are some unconventional ways to do this by selling your body to science. Below is a list we found of the 5 most creative ways to make money by selling your body:
The most powerful and moving pictures through past and present, the last 5 are inspiring and moving
Posted On 11/13/2013
This is a most comprehensive collection of the world's most moving pictures through the years both past and present. Many pictures are of great importance in historical records, some hold importance because of the meaning it holds and the cause behind it and some just depict pure human emotion.
18 Romantic Texts That Are Quite Hilarious As F*CK
Posted On 12/07/2014
17 Shocking Employee Confessions From Places You Frequently Visit
Posted On 12/15/2014

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